Thursday, 1 October 2009

Just a bunch'a news

A new walkthrough has been recorded and uploaded! Yeehaw! It's only 25 minute runthrough of a GameBoy Color game, but at least I'm not dead.

I recorded it on impulse. It's one of the games I own for GameBoy Color and will be mentioned in the collection video, and I thought I'd try it out again after all these years, perhaps I could come up with something to say about it. When I realized that I had played through the entire game even though I only wanted to try it out a bit, I thought why not just go ahead and record it, I know I want to and it's still fresh in my memory. And here you go.

The north end of Finland got it's first snow last Monday, so I hear, but here where I live it came down today. Well, it was mostly just ice here, but the ground was quite white and looked like snow. Most of the day it's been pretty sunny, even though the sun isn't too warm anymore, having switched to the southern side of the globe already.

In my last blog post I informed you that I had watched Reservoir Dogs just recently. Well, seeing the movie got me interested in watching Boner Jones' Reservoir Dogs walkthrough again, just to compare the two, and I started watching the videos on Tuesday morning, around 2 or 3 am.

Reservoir Dogs for PS2 is a game I've been hunting down for a while now, with no luck, and while watching Boner's walkthrough I thought "hey, why not check my favourite gaming store's website again and go through the list of games. Who knows what I could find, miracles do happen even if last week the list was still missing the titles I'm after."

Well, a miracle did happen; Reservoir Dogs for PS2, priced 14,90€.
I was amazed. The whole thing literally went like this: I sit here watching a Reservoir Dogs video, a thought hits me and a click or two later I'm on the store's site, I click PlayStation 2 games and scroll to the end looking for R, and BAM! there it was. First game that hit my eyes was the very game I wanted, the very night I was watching videos of it, even though I have never seen the game anywhere before and I usually never rewatch any video game walkthroughs. I also check the lists and shelves of stores somewhat regularly and this is a game I always keep a look out for.

I like to say I'm some sort of a collector, but my intention isn't to collect every single PS2 game ever made. I only collect the games I feel I need to own, and Reservoird Dogs was one of them. Now it has found it's rightful home, but there are a handful of other games I'm still actively hunting down. These other games that I would gladly dish out a bit of dough for are Primal, Maximo: From Ghosts to Glory and Maximo vs Army of Zin for PS2, and Spyro the Dragon and Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer for PSOne.

Sure, there are plenty of games I want, but these are some of the games that I don't only prefer to own, these are games I MUST own. These are also, naturally, titles that are quite challenging for me to locate. There's also some other games I would mention, but unfortunately my poorly built brains can't seem to come up with the correct memories, so I have to leave them out.
Manhunt 2 is also a game I know I must some day get, but right now the price of it is just outrageous. I don't pay 25€ for a game that nobody seems to want right now, when later I can buy it for 4€ at my favourite gaming store. The shelves are literally filled with copies of Manhunt 2 no matter which store I enter, so it's not like it will just vanish. Although, knowing my luck...

I did also buy True Crime: Streets of LA along with the Reservoir Dogs. I would've rather bought Splinter Cell for PS2, but didn't see it on the shelves and I didn't want to stay in the shop for long, I always spend half an hour browsing even though I know exactly what I want. Then again I tend to buy 10 games at once, so I don't think the owners of the store hate me or anything.

My movie marathon has also come to an end. There would've been a few more flicks to see, like Bad Taste, Breakfast Club, Fifth Element and Punisher '89, but I think I'll save them for later.

The movies I watched last were Russ Meyer's films Lorna and Mudhoney, the famous Ilsa She Wolf of the SS (which I started watching years ago but couldn't finish, making this victorious day smell so glorious!), The Exterminator (a must-see vigilante movie) and lastly Punisher: War Zone. I was sure as hell that I would hate Punisher: War Zone and Ray Stevenson, for various reasons unknown, but you know what? Fuck Tom Jane and that '04 film! I also hated, HATED, HATED The Mist, Tom, ya hear?!
Punisher: War Zone was an absolute blast and Ray Stevenson was fucking awesome as the Punisher. Whether he's better than Dolph Lundgren, I don't know yet, Dolph is the man. Ray was great, though, and I apologize for my doubts. Sorry, Ray. Let's be friends.

I probably forgot to mention some movies here, and having moved the films away from my sight already I can't even go through them to see what I missed here, but since the movie marathon has now ended, it's time to get back to gaming. I'm more excited than you, because even though the Postal videos stopped only a week ago for you, I recorded the last video several weeks ago and X-Men was only a 25 minute gig, so I've been out of it longer and in the hospital I realized that recording video games is pretty important to me. Passes the time better than staring at white walls while listening to others having fun.
Expect new walkthroughs soon!

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