Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Cinema Snob

Some time ago, while checking out for new updates on my ultimate hero's, Spoony's, website The Spoony Experiment, I saw a new video where SpoonyOne was talking about this movie reviewer he likes that has just recetly been suspended from YouTube. This update was also accompanied by The Cinema Snob's newest review, and... well, I like this Snob guy and thought I should advertise him too as he is, after two years spent on YouTube, finally making his own website.

The site is http://thecinemasnob.com/ and it's at least worth checking out if you've ever been interested in less-than b-movies and exploitation flicks and basically films that two kids with a camera could make in their basement.

The Snob reviews, in a comical/satirical way, these mostly downright awful movies that some of which even I have had the displeasure of using as means to torture myself (yup, I'm sort of a movie-nut too and I tend to watch cheap shit for I have no money to spend on the blockbusters running in cinemas near me), and what's so great about him is that he does it in a very down-to-earth but naturally snobbish, classy way. None of that "in your face with cheap gags, obvious punchlines and tons of sketch comedy for distraction" type of stuff. He has his own style which may not please everyone, but he does what he does the way others don't.

He says his reviews are mostly poking fun at movie critics, the "cinema snobs" I gather, who review these kind of movies as if they were interested in wathing them for some reason. Truthfully, I can't tell as I've never cared much about movie critics of any kind.

So, check out his site and videos and see what you think of him. I know my site is 100% video game based (for now!) and there's nothing much here to lure in movie fans, but I'm just pointing this guy out for those of you who also enjoy movies of 'the lower cast' and can appreciate a classy style of making fun movie reviews.
I'm a fan already, you should be too.


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