Friday, 26 June 2009

DuckTales, Crisis Beat, Updates

Yup, DuckTales walkthrough for NES is being uploaded. It stays Private until the videos are all done processed.
Crisis Beat is finished completely and viewable:

I'm also updating the website again. It's a lot of work because I've been lazy in the past and just let things get out of hand, but a few things I'm doing/changing:
- All the videos I haven't added to the site yet will be added soon
- LP videos will be added on the site in Playlists, because creating the links for each video is too boring for the most part, and I have to keep checking what I wrote in the video titles and then I'm ashamed of myself because I 'm stupid
- LPs will be in their own category. The Walkthroughs link on the side will then only show the gameplay videos without commentary
- The pages listing the games alphabetically will have the links to other letters on top of the page (I was in a hurry when I created the pages)
- Webcam and Tuner walkthroughs will be in separate pages
- Each walkthrough/LP page will include a box where I tell you what I personally think of the videos and what I was aiming for originally

4 months after I've done half of all that and quit because I'm so lazy, I will post a new update telling you once again that I'm updating the site and that it's hard work because I was too lazy in the past.

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