Saturday, 11 April 2009

Out of the Lion's Den

I am so frustrated now. For the past hour I've been trying to record level 08. "Into the Lion's Den" of Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive with not much progress. The level is just so fucking difficult.

The problem isn't that I couldn't pass it at all, believe me, I can. The problem is that I can't pass it with any strategy that would work everytime and doesn't look awfully messy. I can take out all the guards, but it takes not only random actions and overly complicated, lucky movement-strategies here and there, but it takes TIME. I don't want to make it through with just luck and barely under 10 videos. It's a walkthrough for heaven's sake, the least I can do is offer some useful advice to people stuck in the game and not bore my fans to death with some little characters running aimlessly around the map until the enemy AI decides to play it dumb for a moment.
The level pisses me off so much that I even tried reading written guides, and as always with written guides, they're worth old mule shit. None of the tricks work in the spots where I'm stuck and often the guides tell me to "reload until one of the many possible random events occur"... that's real helpful. Use some unimaginative tactic until it fails, reload and try something else. What an amazing trick, it'll certainly save my life.
There must be a strategy for the level the developers knew would work everytime, and no matter how complicated it might be (possibly involves several characters and several of their unique abilities and lots of quick actioning and right timing) I WILL pass the level in some real pro-manner.

So... since I'm now so angry at Desperados 1 and still so in love with Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge, I thought, maybe I'll record Desperados 2...?
Desperados 2 is more straightforward. It blows as a top-down point-and-click real-time strategy game, but it offers a third-person viewpoint now that just changes the feel of the entire game. So far it's been horribly easy since the enemy AI is even dumber than it is in Desperados 1 and you can pretty much just walk'n'gun everyone with no real effort, but that's why I think it's fun. I could use some relaxation right about now and just shoot a hundred poor bastards.

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  1. There has to be a consistent way of beating it. I remember in God Of War 1 when you had to protect the family at the end I thought it was impossible until I found out holding the circle button filled the rage meter faster. So these are good games you say? PS2 right?