Saturday, 5 June 2010

I managed to snag ten assists in some people's Solomon's Folly grind right before one of them turned retard and started killing the players while the players were trying to clear the hideout and claimed the first dozen kills were accidental. Nothing too awful with going against a posse alone I suppose, but he had the most ridiculous 11-year-old laugh I have ever hear a 15-year-old have. My ears were bleeding, because he kept laughing even when he himself died, so it was continuous. Worse than a 9-year-old singing Green Day songs in a mic at full volume, I tell ya.

After I get Platinum in Red Dead Redemption I'll either go back and try to Platinum some of my other games I've left incomplete trophy-wise in the past or record Red Dead Revolver Showdown character videos for my RedDeadRedemption YouTube account.

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