Monday, 31 May 2010

42 hours, 15 minutes and 30 seconds of pure gaming later I have completed the story mode (and the following story related Stranger mission) of Red Dead Redemption, with 96.7% of the entire game completed. Yes, I did a lot of side stuff. Never quick traveled, usually had a drink everytime I got into town and generally played everything like a role.
 Now I'm off to get those 3.3%, last of the singleplayer trophies and then try out multiplayer for the first time. Then I'll start a new game.

I don't need to tell you what I think of Red Dead Redemption if I just tell you that it met my expectations, but I do want to say that it's the first game in a long time that's actually worth the full price. They're also releasing (or have released already?) a free co-op DLC pack, which is nice.

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