Friday, 9 October 2009

Alright, I guess it's time to once again update you: once again nothing has happened.
To next week.

Well, nothing interesting has happened. One day last week I glanced over my shelf of games and saw Call of Juarez sitting there. I bought it some months back, but like you probably know I bought A LOT of games at once then so Call of Juarez was left standing in the back of the line while I went ahead to play the ones I was really eager to try. Then I recorded those games I played first, and then I bought more games that I played and recorded.
You might think "oh, poor old Call of Juarez, other games were cutting in line and you got shoved" but this story isn't about Call of Juarez. I Installed Call of Juarez planning to play and record it, but it runs a bit slow even on it's own so I can't imagine how well it would work with Fraps running in the background. After a few hours of guiding Billy past the angry hick mobs I looked at the shelf again and saw the Hitman Collection, another game I left for later, not because I wasn't eager to play it, but because I wanted to save it for later when I've suffered through all the crappier games, knowing full well that Hitman would deliver even if Trespasser sucked.
I made up some excuses like, "oof, my back's stiff, my eyes hurt, I need a cup of coffee and some sleep, I need to quit playing", chucked Call of Juarez back into it's corner and IMMEDIATELY installed Hitman: Codename 47.

Yes, then I played it, and recorded it, and uploaded it on YouTube. Now the walkthrough is complete and I have already started recording Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Hitman 2 will most likely take me quite a while. I started it in Professional difficulty straight away, because... well, because I'm so great, and it has more than 20 missions and it is far more difficult than Codename 47.

Naturally, having the Hitman games take up large amounts of my time, I have not done anything else. Peed and eaten and taken a few shits, but other than that, nothing. No game collection lists, no fukkarounds, no reviews, no looks back. Nothing.
Don't know when my Hitman craze blows over, but I don't think I'll be doing much else than play the games before it does, and I hope it happens soon. I've already planned a lot of work for myself, and now I got two more things to add to the neverending list of tasks.

First of all, I tested it a few days ago and apparently this Blogger blog service allows enough html in posts that with some changes and simplification of my old webshite's code I can sort of remake all my pages on this blog. What this means is that over the course of the upcoming months I will try to post the old content in blog posts, so don't be surprised if you see my webcam recorded Red Dead Revolver walkthrough appear as a new update.

The second thing, I once again feel like writing a text guide. I've only started writing full written guides twice in my life and both I scrapped rather early, although I have written individual level guides when people online have asked for them (no, I wont write them for individual people anymore, seeing as I never even got a thank you from those people after they got what they wanted). The reason why I didn't finish the guides was that they always ended up being far too detailed and offered way too much useless information, and when I realized that and tried to cut the useless bits out, I found myself unable to tell what was truly crucial and what was something the reader could easily do without.
I probably shouldn't dream about writing guides anymore. I'd be better of dreaming about hot naked women... actually, you kn-- nevermind, I'll do that later.

That's it.
I can definitely write a lot about nothing.

By the way, I hate the new beta layout of the YouTube channels. Not really because of the layout itself, but because THEY FUCKED THE PLAYLISTS! Seriously, they're not sorted alphabetically or even by age of the list, but based on the date the last video was added to the list. That alone would be pretty fucking stupid, BUT it goes further: YouTube remade my old playlists so now they're not in any order at all. Lists I created 8 months back are shown before lists I created 2 weeks back and so on and so forth, even though the last videos were naturally added in the same order.
How the fucking fuck are viewers supposed to find the right lists from that mess when even I who created them can't find the right ones?

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