Thursday, 23 June 2011

Not a whole lot has happened. Nothing much gaming related, I haven't played anything since... a long while ago. Haven't been in a gaming mood.

Remember that accident I had soon after last Christmas when for some bizarre reason that had nothing to do with my temper my spare PS3 controller got broken a little bit? I finally got a new extra controller to replace it, a MadCatz wireless one. It's shape is much better than the Sony official one, it's a little bit heavier which I prefer and the best part is that the R2/L2 triggers are MUCH better than the Sony DualShock ones that break so easy, so it's a lot more comfortable to use. Bad things about it are the sharpness of the edges of the D-pad which can end up hurting your thumb if you have to use it a lot and the fact that the controller automatically enters sleep mode in such a short time that a medium length (modern) cutscene is enough for it to turn off and it's a bitch trying to get the PS3 to recognise that the controller is active again after the cutscene.
So there's both negative and positive things to say about it.

A long while ago, last year in fact I torrented the original Prisoner series, but it was only just last Saturday that I began to watch them. I was so excited, I remember watching the series when I was about six years old or something although I never did understand it at all and couldn't even remember much anything but the Rovers and number 6 running around, making this basically my second chance to see the series for the first time. I had to force myself to shut the PC off at 4 am and leave some episodes for a later viewing because the series is so addictive.

My mother and my sister decided to spend the yesterday afternoon walking around downtown just browsing through fleamarkets and stores and I went with them thinking I might find something neat myself. The trip started crap for me because I couldn't find ANYTHING while both my mom and my sister found books and movies they've always been looking for and only now just found, all at once for some reason. There weren't even any games sold anywhere that I could buy, the fleamarket I used to find some rare games in had apparently gotten rid of their gaming table and instead it was full of fancy fabric. Since the rest of the family spent so much money on books at this one used books store and I was probably getting visibly tired of walking around aimlessly and not finding a single Terence Hill/Bud Spencer movie anywhere we decided to go to one more store and then head home, which was perfectly fine with me. Then...
You will never guess which 60's British cult classic television series that has been in my mind everyday for the entire week, that I had no hope of ever finding on DVD here in Finland because there's problems with importers here getting the rights to sell the series and the series was last aired here 17 years ago on a channel that has been dead and buried for a long time, was sitting there on the shelf almost immediately as we entered the store!!!
It was The Prisoner DVD box set! The original! On DVD! I naturally picked it up the very second I spotted it without even thinking about it. I just read "The Pris-- YOINK!" Got it!

Some might ask me "Johnny, if you had all the episodes torrented already, why so excited about getting the series on DVD? Waste of money, right?" WRONG! All wrong. I'm not proud of torrenting my favourite movies and television series, but a lot of them are cult classics not often found in stores here, and I just don't want to forget them. Like for instance the Terence Hill and Bud Spencer films. Watch Out, We're Mad is one of my favourite films, and guess how difficult it is to find here: nigh impossible. I checked the importers and online stores that supposedly stock the film, and some of the online stores have lost the rights to sell it a long time ago. Only version I could theoretically buy is a DVD brought here straight from Italy without any subtitles. I don't understand Italian. Until I can buy the film on DVD or Bluray or whatever it will be in the distant future I will hold on to the version I downloaded years ago. When I have paid for it, I will destroy the downloaded file, or re-use the video if I taped it from TV. That's what I do.
I know there's no use in trying to defend myself because those who are against torrenting won't care and those who aren't care even less, but to me these films and series are important pieces of art that make life livable and I'll be damned if I let someone stop me from enjoying them. I'll pay when they let me.

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