Thursday, 15 July 2010

No Second Sight videos today because the upload keeps failing and I'm not going to spend the rest of the evening trying to use a broken "service" I haven't wanted to use in six months. YouTube doesn't even have a "retry upload" button anymore for these kinds of cases, which is stupid. With the amount of times YouTube errors, you'd think they would at least never get rid of the little things that get people to stick with them and sort of help get around or over the problems easier.
Since I also had to remove the failed uploads from my videos manually I went ahead and deleted the very unpopular Bionic Commando videos that some unrelated, unheard-of company used as a money-making scheme by boldly claiming ownership of the audiovisual content and adding advertisements. Only reason I don't delete some more of my videos is that there are actually people who keep watching them, but Bionic Commando hardly got one view a week.

My mother bought me some Clint Eastwood movies on DVD since they were on sale and we were talking about Eastwood's films recently when we watched The Outlaw Josey Wales. We're planning on watching Gran Torino tomorrow evening, and today my mother brought me the first, the third and the fifth Dirty Harry films (Dirty Harry, The Enforcer, The Deadpool).

I've got nothing else to say since I've been just sitting on my ass wasting my time all this summer. I did think of doing the game collection videos yet again, and yet again I got distracted by other things. I started playing through my Sega games so that I would have something to say about them in the collection videos, but I just skipped most and started playing Rings of Power, then recorded Second Sight and every time I really have had free time I've re-watched Spoony's old videos and followed Spoony's and LordKaT's D&D sessions. Yeah, it's becoming obvious that I'll never do anything except walkthroughs.

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