Friday, 8 January 2010

Alright, I've started recording Bionic Commando, but it's going to be what I call a Frankenstein's walkthrough. The walkthrough looks like it's a whole run, but I actually sometimes use Level Jump to replay a section and use that footage instead if the original seemed like crap to me (for example if I miss jumps a lot, can't seem to shoot a grunt too well, or I forget about a collectible and have to backtrack a lot).
You shouldn't really be able to tell any difference apart from the funny thing that it doesn't always save mid-level when it's supposed to and I have an odd amount of ammo. I might also finish some challenges twice, although I think that's very unlikely.
Overall it looks just as good as a regular playthrough, but I am having more work with the editing. I wish I could turn the auto save off completely.

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