Thursday, 3 December 2009

When I woke up this morning, which was just 40 minutes ago, I was surprised. The world outside is white. There's not really a lot of snow, but everything is covered in a thin layer of white. Looks pretty damn nice, but it's also fooking cold in here.

I moved on to Fallout 3 in my trophy hunting. Originally I thought that I should leave Fallout 3 the last as the game is long and I'm so far down the path of evil that I can't get the neutral or good karma trophies anymore in that file. I thought it would take the longest. Now I think it's actuallly the easiest and fastest game to get Platinum on. GTA IV's Wanted trophy is ridiculously insane, that I covered in the last post. LBP's last trophies are the Partier and all the level publishing trophies, and I have a creator's block.
Fallout 3 on the other hand... when you know what you're aiming for, earning trophies gets way easier, and Fallout 3 has something over GTA IV and LBP: it's continuously extreme fun. I've played LBP a few days and I'm sick of it. I've played GTA IV for 2 weeks worth, and I'm seriously sick of it. Fallout 3... I go for trophies and end up having fun instead.
Yes, playing Fallout 3 again feels good and it has re-lit my burning love for it. I don't even try to enjoy it, but I always end up doing so. I can't remember why I ever stopped playing it when I got it last Christmas... oh, wait, I do: I went to get my knees busted in the army. Splendid.

I'll hunt for the last trophies on my evil file, finish up the game and then start a new character and collect the neutral/good karma level up trophies. That's all.


  1. i hate being bad in fallout, it feel...bad lol.
    i especially the quest about the ghouls and tenpenny tower lol

  2. Its Derek here mah boi
    Shame on ya!
    Fallout 3 sucks!!
    Oblivion on the other hand is EPIC!
    Are there trophies for Oblivion on the PS3!??

  3. No, there's no trophies for Oblivion. Shame, because I like Oblivion a lot, too.