Tuesday, 1 December 2009

So... I've been hard at work collecting trophies. I've got a lot more than when I started.

The weather... I've been wondering why I sleep so late and miss the day. I woke up early today because of nightmares and realized, it's really fucking dark out there during the day. Why? Pitch black clouds and rain. No snow, not a glimpse of sun between the clouds, just water and occasionally some fog.

The nightmare that woke me up was weird. Usually when I see a nightmare, it's something sillyish scary, or I go back to school or some place I never liked much, but last night the nightmare was full of blood and beheadings. It's weird, because lately all I've done has been gaming, and not even extremely gory games, so my minds hasn't been influenced by the news or violent movies and the last thing I did before bed was play some LittleBigPlanet.
Also, normally I am someone in a dream, not necessarily always myself, but someone. Last night during the nightmare part I just floated around as a spectator.

That's the interesting news today.

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